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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hubby Hates Fish Sauce!

Hubby and I both love beans. I cook monggo beans (they call it mung beans, I think) and we both love it :). But one thing that is different is that I eat my beans with my fish sauce. (I find it more tasty!). Hubby's hating the smell, so everytime I eat, he refrains from kissing me. LOL! He did it once without knowing I had my fish sauce for dinner, and he was gagging and spitting like crazy in the trash can :)). He uttered; what is that taste??? you're bad breath!!! hhahahaha! Well? He learned his lesson. Everytime beans are prepared on the table he makes sure that he gets a li'l bit far from a distance from my favorite fish sauce :).




hfnl/jtld said...

hi!sarap ng foods!