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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jensen JiMS 525i

It's time to upgrade your radios! If you're a music lover and just love collecting music as a hobby, then you don't deserve to miss listening to your songs in a pure crystal-clear digital sound, right? You might want to see this amazing product called Jensen JiMS 525i, considered to be a high definition radio receiver with ipod port, alarm clock with dual alarms, two speakers in a compact desk system with ipod dock and with iTunes Tagging feature. This is where the fun begins. If you're not familiar with iTunes Tagging, you'll learn to know it once you have an HD radio receiver. But to give you the basic idea, iTunes Tagging is a simple process of "tagging" your selected song, which means when you hear a song you like in a local FM HD radio station, you simply hit the "tag" button to save it from your HD radio receiver to your ipod. As long as you have an HD radio receiver, you can tag as many songs as you want. There are more new music stations that are boradcasting additional digital channels in your area which of course are subscription-free. Just locate what state are you and it will show all the markets of stations where you can pick more music to listen to.