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Sunday, July 20, 2008

LP Driving License Renewed!

I was able to renew my learner's permit yesterday, July 19 (Saturday). I had to go through same routinary procedures like the first time I applied one. I had to take knowledge test again, submit same documents...etc.. Good thing I passed the knowledge test. I haven't even been studying my driving skills and knowledge for more than a year since I got my learner's permit. I struggled hard to give time for my behind the wheel lessons, as much as hubby did, but we had a hard time for it because of the travelling schedules we have.
I feel I don't have the urgent need to get the driving license, but it's a good thing to have for identification purposes, particularly that we travel. My green card is expiring next month, and it would perhaps take a year for the processing before I can receive the new one. I guess I still have to struggle to work on the driving lessons to get the provisional driver's license. If not...I just have to get a state ID. Now, at least I have some options if things don't go the way it is :).