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Monday, July 7, 2008

My Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

I ordered this online for only $20 bucks, but it took me half a day assembling it. I got a blister on my right hand because of the screws. These so tiny screws gave me a headache because I got 5 screw drivers in hand and not one of them fits the screws. So, I got to use my hand once in a while to rotate them. But so far, so know that feeling when you see the finished effort, it's worth it!

Well, when I saw all the fashion accessories, I didn't realize I am starting to collect a bunch already. I only use to have 4 fashion necklaces, a couple earrings, and a single bracelet. looks like a tiny jewelry store inside our bedroom, LOL! Actually, I still have many that I wasn't able to put in the cabinet because they become bulky when I put all of them there. I still have the old jewelry box that can accomodate more, so I am putting some there.




Lisa said...

That's a nice jewelry cabinet. Same here, I have lots of bling bling collection that my jewelry box can't accommodate no more. I'm very fond of fashion jewelries and I think most women do.
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