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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Slump molds and pottery wheels

I bet, many are familiar with Amaco products. For those who are not, Amaco is considered to be one of the oldest crafts materials manufacturers in the US which is also the largest manufacturer of ceramic supplies and schools and studio equipments. This includes manufacturing of low fire glazes with a wide range of purposes to choose from. You might want to check them on the site for the 23 product item glazes that they offer.
Amaco offers kiln products as well, such as ceramic pottery kilns and liquid glazes. Amaco so far is considered to have the highest quality materials in kiln manufacturing and also considered to have the best kiln design in the market today.
You can get a gift of up to $275 of Amaco glazes when you buy an Amaco or Excel kiln. This promo doesn't last long and is only until December 2008. So, contact any Amaco sales service representative today for more details, or by visiting Amaco website.