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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stranded at Buffalo-Niagara Airport

We were only suppose to have an hour flight going back home via southwest last Sunday. We were at the airport 2 hours early, but 15 minutes before the flight, an announcement came...flight will be delayed for another hour. That was just fine with us, but the next announcement came extending for another hour...and so on. We started to became curious what's happening and they said that there has been some strong thunderstorms between New York and Baltimore. It was a tough long wait and we ended up waiting for almost 9 hours in the airport. Every flight was delayed and so boarding gates were swarmed by many passengers. Good thing I have been sitting on the lounge for 8 hours and not moving. At least we got a nicer spot to relax while waiting :).
We can't blame any airline for this. It's just that it's due to weather and we don't have control for that. Airlines would never risk many lives to go fly the skies with thunderstorms! Now, that is a safe and smart move! Only the long wait sucks!
Whew!...thank God, we arrived safely back home almost midnight.