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Friday, August 1, 2008

AMACO/Brent Proudly Introduces QuickCenter

For those ceramic art lovers out there, a new centering device from Quick Center System is ready to be launched this August 2008. Until the product becomes fully accessible in the market, pre-orders are available by calling AMACO/Brent Customer Service or contact them through email.
The Quick Center is a method and a revolutionary system for throwing on the potter's wheel. It has been concluded that the greatest challenge for successful manipulation of the clay is finding the center, the reason why Quick Center System revolutionizes wheel throwing. The purpose is to mainly center the clay before the wheel begins to spin. The Quick Center System works perfectly to aim on centering on the potter's wheel, a really very simple procedure to do.
If you want to get more informations about Quick Center System as well as see some videos for further demonstrations, feel free to visit the new products for the potter's wheel. From here, you would also learn how to throw a vase with Quick Center and to let you learn more on how the Quick Center works as a whole.
Feel free to visit today!