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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Biometrics On Saturday

For the 4th time, I will have my biometrics schedule be taken. The 4th time will be a retake on Saturday :(. It's really disappointing when you get this delays that are not your fault. Perhaps, the most important thing the USCIS could do to avoid retaking is to get a better and highly modernized equipment for fingerprinting. Afterall, America has all the capacity to get one that can be hassle-free.
This drives me nuts!...USCIS getting the fingerprint, FBI can't read it. Then, FBI should get the fingerprints!!! Common sense, right?


Lisa said...

Grabe huh! 4th time? ako nga 2x nainis na, ikaw pa kaya? This finger printing is getting ridiculous!!! Shame on the USCIS!!! Mahal ang charge nila tapos di makakuha ng bagong computers...

tsimay said...

i have 3 kids pinoy, i'm married to american guy, is it true that he is obliged to sign any paper for ins,until his death(k3 visa,) they don't get along my kids he send them back to our country.

his x wife ti sounds flerting him, she goes to family party, trying to annoyed me, si mokong naman parang overwhelm na dalawa kami doon, I'm fed up you know para akong tsimay nila, wala rin akong kausap, ako lang kasi ang colored sa party nila, i don't feel pity being Pinoy, My husband say i don't have the guts na maki paghalobilo sa kanila. do you think is right now that i have to walk away? Sabi pa naman niya haya-an ko dawn'g mamatay sa gutom yong mga anak ko sa pinas he don't wan't to give me money for my kids. Is their any law in our family code that once sombody marry a widow he is obligado siyang magsuporta