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Friday, August 1, 2008

National Potters Exhibit

The American Art Clay Company is proud to announce to the public about the upcoming National Potters Exhibit and Conference to Indianapolis. The company will also be hosting the said event. Many art clay enthusiasts would be looking to be working with polymer clay. In relation to this, polymer clay technique books are available at There are many designs and patterns that can be done with polymer clay, including an exciting workshop on how to make all types of jewelry.
Brent wheel, a manufacturer of clay potter wheel have proven to set the standard for high quality since 1969, and is considered as the world's most popular wheel! it's because it is highly dependable when it comes to strength and durability, has reversible electronic speed control and offers outstanding technical service. Here's more good news...when you buy a Brent wheel, you get a $70 gift of AMACO Glazes!
On the other hand, AMACO highly safeguards their products by making lead-free glazes, a non-toxic glaze products ideal for children in accordance with federal standards for safe labelling.