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Saturday, August 2, 2008

PayPal Monitors My Purchases

Few weeks ago, I received a call from Paypal one morning but it was hubby who answered it because I was still asleep. The operator told him that there were some "purchases" done on my account and they were asking a confirmation from me if I really made those purchases. When I woke up, my husband told me about it and so I had to call the number back for confirmation. I got a little bit alarmed by that so I immediately checked my account online.
Luckily, the "purchases" they were referring to were transactions that I made for 2 consecutive days :). I ordered 4 times, twice on the first day, and another two for the second day. They find it a little bit strange about those transactions because they are of large amounts!
Well, I called the number back and it was an automated machine with instructions to confirm that the purchases were done by me as the account owner.
Probably by now, they know the account owner is really a shopaholic! :)).

But thank God...Paypal really protects your account. Thanks for the concern PayPal :).