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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trusted Tours

This is a good moment to share about our recent Chicago Tours last week. Although I had some uncomfortable headaches that seem to attack me every time I go visit Navy Pier, I find it funny to think about it. It's because this was my third visit to the place, and every time I step on the park, I get headaches! LOL! When I start to go off that place and go around to some other spots in the city of Chicago instead, I feel okay :). It made me feel strange about it.
Meanwhile, my attention was fixed on to the Cypress Gardens Florida. I've been to Orlando four times and so far, I haven't been to this place yet. Glad to know about this, so now, I've got another itinerary added on the list for our next Orlando trip :). Adventure parks are always highly considerable when we go visit places with my husband. I wonder if Cypress Gardens is a new park? It's so much fun travelling when you know where you are going, right? I mean, properly planned itineraries on where to visit, or ideas on what are the things to do, etc...are just one of the factors to make your vacation worth memorable.
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