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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

  1. Whether you go for individual sprigs or whole strips, cut your own lashes first and trace a black eye pencil or liquid liner along the roots. This will make the fakes much less obvious.
  2. Pick up a lash sprig with tweezers; dip the lash into a blob of eyelash glue. Dark glue is the most natural. Dot a fair amount of it on the underside of the lashes-in the middle of the curve of the lashes (as opposed to the strip that connects them). Press the fakes onto your actual lashes-not your skin-as close to the root as possible; It's easier, and the lashes last longer.
  3. Once the lashes dry, follow with mascara. If you're worried you'll dislodge the faux lashes in the process, just jab mascara on the tips with an eyeshadow brush.