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Friday, October 24, 2008

A greatful heart...

Another great tag from Lisa. Thank you sis.

I have been caught up with a lot of things at work and I have focus all of my attention on my troubles at work that I failed to see all the wonderful blessings I have.

This tag helped me appreciate the graces that I have are a lot more compared to the things that worry me at present.:-(

And my list of things I’m grateful for are:

1. I thank God for my life, without Him I am nothing.
2. I thank God for giving His Son Jesus who died on the cross for my sins.
3. I thank God for the joy of my salvation.
4. I thank my husband for loving me unconditionally.
5. I thank my family for their love and support.
6. I thank my church family for their love and prayers.
7. I thank all my friends whom God has given me.
8. I thank all the advertisers who's been giving me the chance to earn money.

These are some of the things and people I’m grateful for. Thank you... You make my life complete...:-)