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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our 3rd Balikbayan Box

We just sent in our balikbayan box today for shipping back to Manila Asian Foods for pick up. Since Monday is a holiday (Columbus Day), it will be picked up Tuesday. There are things that we were not able to include in the box since the box is smaller and very limited in size. The good thing was we got 2 boxes, the other one will be sent early next year. We didn't think of sending the 2 boxes at the same time because of the weight and the transport going to the store since there is no pick up service in our place :(.
Whew! Quite a big relief for the packing.


Lisa said...

I will be sending box too again on the 24th of this month to my family in Pinas. A fellow Pinay will be coming to pick it up. Dati si Arlene kaya lang nasa Japan na sila. Buti na lang meron akong natagpuan na Pinay din na eto ang business d2. Bale $100 for a regular box ang shipping sa Star Cargo, the owner of ABS CBN daw ang may-ari. BTW sis, I have something for you at