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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Can't-Live-Without-'Em Gadgets

Just imagine having some woes when you're cooking without these gadgets. Be sure to have them handy while you're doing your cooking.
1. Cherry Pitter - Remove pits from cherries and olives with this must-have tool. A splatter guard keeps your counters and clothes clean :).

2. Corn Zipper - Cut fresh corn from the cob in an instant. Great for recipes that call for fresh or if you prefer to eat your kernels with a fork.

3. Pineapple peeler - If you hate the hassle of preparing pineapple, just twist the top of this gadget like it's a corkscrew to peel, core and slice the fruit into rings.

4. Pan tree - Put an end to a noisy, messy problem: pots and pans that come tumbling out of your cabinets. The solution? Hang them up on this lightweight organizer.

5. Dough whisk - Use this cool whisk with a twist to effortlessly mix thick batters and doughs. It also makes the transfer from bowl to pan a breeze.