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Friday, November 14, 2008

Dennis C. Carey - Leading Executive Recruiter

For those who are highly interested in executive matters such as those of CEOs, board of directors, corporate leaders, should check San Diego Blogger's post on his blog about Dennis C Carey, an author, a PH degree holder, a corporate leader and a leading executive recruiter. Just like San Diego Blogger who considers himself a manager, it is of absolute importance to know and continously learn more about management leadership and recruitment strategies.
Possessing with great expertise in being an executive leader, Mr. Carey authored books that have been proven to be insightful to many who are in the leadership industry level. Dennis Carey has been known to be recruiting CEOs and corporate directors of some of the largest companies with great expertise, some of which he had conducted searches for these leaders that includes American Standard, At&T, Sprint, CIGNA, Tyco Electronics and many more. Due to his impressive performance, he is currently serving as managing director of Airclick and other big organizations.
There are more review links as suggested by San Diego Blogger on his blog post about Dennis Carey. So, if you are interested to get more updates, just check back on those.