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Monday, November 10, 2008

Janell's 40, Fine & Fabulous Birthday Bash

Last Saturday, we went to our good friend's 40th birthday bash celebration...(she's my age buddy as well :)). At least, I'm as well proud to say "life begins at 40." :).

Anyway, we had a blast with Janell that night. How I wish we could have stayed for her longer, but I have been getting dizzy lately which annoys me. We could have been dancing with hubby on the dance floor and enjoyed the night longer. But we had to go.

She gave us tokens - two pink lollipops that matches with her color of the night - PINK :). So, ladies, pink is not only exclusive for the teens, okay? It's one of the fave colors of middle aged women as well :)).

Cute lollipops!