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Saturday, November 22, 2008

KMart's Holiday Layaways

Most people, if not all are having tight budgets especially that the holiday season is coming. But aren't we glad Kmart Layaway for the Holidays is here to help consumers save more, or at least make them financially out of burden this holiday season?
You can now get your items you can't afford to pay in one single full payment through a layaway plan contract by Kmart, in which you can pay them over an 8-week period! - a big help for those who are budgeting.
Kmart's layaway program works in simple 4 steps:
First, you choose your items (except for those items that can't be put in layaway). The items exempted are provided on Kmart's homepage site.
Second, take your selected items to the layaway counter and make a downpayment, 10% of your item's price. Take note that a service fee for all layaway contracts is $5.00 and the cancellation fee is $10.00.
Third, you start paying your item(s) every 2 weeks at your Kmart store. Your payment should be 25% of the original balance due.
Fourth, you can take home your item(s) once your payments are paid in full. For Maryland consumers, there is a layaway fee law that are applicable for the layaway contract. In order to know more about the complete facts of this program, please click the download pdf button at kmart's homepage.
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