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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Got a wish?

Today, not only the kids can ask a wish to Santa. Even the older ones do! And take note - Santa is just waiting :).
If you got a wish this Christmas, don't hesitate to tell about it to Santa. Here's the fun part. Try downloading a photo of yourself and tell your wish on the box provided, just like what I did. I downloaded a photo of me and my husband in the beach with a sand castle background. I find that mostly unique so I chose that :). Once your photo has been downloaded and submitted, Santa would say; - "now, you're sitting on Santa's lap." See?...adults can now even sit on Santa's lap, LOL! Well, that was fun, too! :). Check the Sit on Santa's Lap video by clicking and give it a try. Did you notice how the CEIVA digital photo frame's uniqueness as well? I bet, you'll agree with me that this gives us the idea to have this as a perfect gift for Christmas, right? It's because it's the best and unique way to stay closely connected with your loved ones with no PC or internet required!
Do not forget to join the contest as well. This is not a requirement, and joining is free. You don't need to purchase anything just to join the contest. There will be a daily winner randomly selected each day of the contest and a cash prize of $500.00 will be given to the lucky winner. So, good luck. Who knows? Your wish will be granted.