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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Winter's Making Me Sick!

I thought that I just got used to the cold climate, but super cold, below freezing...nada! :(. I guess it's because my body is just really made for the tropical climate.
I get sinus headaches, cold hands and toes no matter I wrap them, and it makes me lazy all the time. Don't wanna go out, move or even walk. Strange, but I am struggling to overcome the "laziness" effect. There's nothing I can do and got no choice. I live in the place where winter snow storm comes and where everything outdoors turn ice if weather calls it. Gosh, I even hate wrapping my self with 4 layers everytime I only go out for groceries 2 blocks away from home. The only option to take...accept the season with wide open arms and get used to it!!! wwwaaahhhh!


Lisa said...

I'm so glad that we had escaped the cold weather abroad and enjoying the warm weather here in the Philippines. It was like spring time when we arrived here but the weather became warmer since Monday. We're in the 80s now. We'll be in Baguio when summer comes. Kelan kayo uuwi dito?

George and I had gained weight that fast because of good foods. All the foods that I've been craving were cooked by my brother. He's a super cook.