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Friday, January 2, 2009


For many webmasters, particularly whose sites are often visited by many and has high traffic, I think it is helpful for them to start using a web solution that help them detect anonymous proxy servers from visitors. One good example of this type of simple web solution is IP2proxy which helps reveal and detect the real IP address of the visitor. Furthermore, it helps them protect against malicious entries, frauds, spamming, bad spywares, etc. This means, IP2Proxy give benefits to potential webmasters such as to avoid identity theft, help them minimize online credit card fraud for merchants, protect one's computer system from anonymous hackers, reduce click fraud attempts, and many more benefits.
IP2Proxy does a thorough scanning of all IP address ranges to detect anonymous open proxy servers due to its massive number of servers and ports, which then creates anonymous proxy list of IP adresses that are being released every 24 hours into the download area.
There are thousands of websites in the internet today, as much as there are many who are committing online fraud and scammers as well. Nobody wants to be a victim of online fraud, right? Then, it's time to think about IP2Proxy. It's time to identify your visitors online. You can identify their exact geographical location, proxy servers, etc. Try the product by downloading your free copy of demo database today!