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Friday, January 30, 2009

Cancelled Trip

Our trip to San Antonio, TX which was supposed to be Jan.27-29, '09 didn't pushed through because of plane delays. We were booked via American Airlines, but I guess that day was really bad enough for us because of thick snows and ice on the runway, making flight delays on the runway at BWI airport. We were stuck in the airport for more than 12 hours! After being on the plane (we were rescheduled), we finally decided to board off the plane when the crew announced a delay and thus we can't make it to our connecting flight. This trip was a business trip, so it was useless catching the connecting flight the next day because hubby couldn't make it to his teaching class.
Anyway, after all the long calls that hubby has to explain about the ordeal, we finally had to cancel our plane tickets (they are refunding it), and drove home!

It was not worth the wait!!!...but bad things happen at times.