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Friday, February 27, 2009

Chapped Lips

One bad thing I hate about winter is it gives me chapped and dry lips. My lips are so much sensitive to cold. I can withstand a hot climate with my lips still doing good, but not in cold climate.

One time that I went to church, I had a hard time concealing my scaly lips but when I covered it with lipstick, the more the dryness popped out. I had tried putting lip gloss, medicated lip gloss with lipstick, uh...doesn't work. I had to wipe it with tissue several times and I guess I overdid it and became bleeding.

I had to press my lips with clean cloth for several minutes to stop the bleeding. So, I just ended up having no lipstick or lip gloss going to church, and my lips looked pale :(.

Ahhhh...winter go away, come again another year, LOL!