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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I want some steak!

Since I came to America, the best food that I discovered that wasn't easy to just set it aside is the steak! I have been to Ruth Chris, Morton, and now, - Texas Roadhouse. Ruth Chris was my first choice of eating a good steak, then my husband took me to Morton's many times, and it became on top of my list :). From time to time, when I tell my husband I want steak, he knows where he would be taking me!
But wait a minute, I revised my list this year. Texas Roadhouse I can say has the best steak, matched with their juicy green beans topped with bacon :). And besides, they have the best affordable price. It's more than twice cheaper than a single steak meal in Morton's or Ruth Chris. I can even ate an 8-ounce fillet all the way down, which is good.
Ah, I would always end out and happy after a steak meal at Texas Roadhouse...the best!