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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Do You Love About Your Husband Tag

Thank you Lisa for giving me this tag. I thought I just need to get and post it because it's worth sharing :).

Here it is:

  • I love my husband for being so compassionate and soft hearted.
  • I love him for being so extra sensitive to me (he knows everything about me, like every body movement I have, he knows how I feel :). )
  • I love him for being a Godly man and a Christian.
  • I love him for being so thoughtful (full of surprises), sweet, romantic, loving, understanding, soft spoken, etc...what else? He almost has everything that I am looking for :).
  • I love him for being so generous and loving my family as well, treating them as his own.
  • I love him when it comes to food! He's not picky except for 3 things: fish sauce, dried fish and corned beef!
  • Finally, I love everything about him!...(even his smell, good or bad! LOL!!!)