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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Morning Exercise!

Would you believe I woke up early today at 8am on a cold windy morning (12F)? As I'm always telling I am not a morning person, but when a certain thing comes up on my mind that I really need to do, it sticks on my mind not until I am done with it. Well, that thing was to shovel 6" snow on our drive way and our foot walks. Our neighbors' fronts were all clean except ours, LOL! It's kinda embarrassing seeing it that way, so there I went with the morning exercise, shovelling thick snows on the drive way and foot walks. Whew! Cold but I'm well wrapped. Thank God, it wasn't too windy...or else, I won't be doing it.
The pavement wasn't scraped too well, but the bright sunshine helped the snow melts, so that the way is now clean :).
There are still lots of snow all over the lawn, but it would just melt in due time. It will be two weeks more before Spring comes. We're hoping no more thick snows this time.
I wanted so much to pull summer time, but spring has to come first...the time when nature has to give its pride to the world....colorful blooms! Well, at least the cold climate should be much warmer and more tolerant :).