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Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Shower Curtain

I got a new shower curtain replaced on the shower room. It's not the washable type but it is antibacterial. It helps to fight off molds so it's ideal for long use :). I know it's kinda weird having those bamboo designs, but the color accent match most with the wall color.

On the other hand this curtain (on the floor) is a washable type, so it has to be changed at times more often. It's kinda sensitive to mold particularly at the bottom of it. Bad thing is, I didn't change it for more than a year...and now I wouldn't be sure if I can remove the stains. It has very attractive hooks, but some of the hooks slip off from the curtain rod everytime I move the curtain along. Anyway, I would still want to use this one because of its durability.