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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to My Chores!

Here I go again...after our 3-weeks trip from the Philippines, I am back to my usual routine at home. Being a housewife, there are so much things to be done, and that includes my regular chores and things to be settled from our trip.

I had been doing laundry for 2 days! LOL! And I just got done yesterday afternoon...whew! But other than that, there are still much things to do. I still have to start ironing some clothes before they have to be kept. I am changing our wardrobes to summer outfits, so thicker clothes have to be stowed.

My blogs have been backlogged...I see lots of paid opps standing by, but I can't just make it through a single day for now. As much as I wanted to get back working online, I felt things are to be prioritized at the moment.

I wanna be a superwoman wife! LOL!