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Friday, August 21, 2009

Night Driving

Yesterday, I finally completed my last 2-hours driving from school. The school car wasn't as good as my car, and I always get that horrible car everytime I get my driving lessons! :(. The school has 2 cars and they have the smaller car that looks like my car that is easier to maneuver. But I only had the chance to use it once.
Anyway, since my instructor's schedule is only available at night, I drove in a dim lit,narrow, busy road in Baltimore city! I even have to pratice my parallel parking in a dim parking lot. Whoa! I only had 3x of that and I had to tell my instructor, I can't see the curb! So, he agreed, lol!
Anyway, it was more challenging driving back home as the car has a poor light and high beam lights of coming cars were all flashing into my eyes. Gosh! Thank God, I still arrived home safe and sound!
One more thing to focus on and I am on to DMV for my road test.