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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wardrobe Shifting

It's time for cooler outfits once again, and as usual, I need to shift summer clothings to keep and get all the cool outerwears back to the closet. How I wish we could have larger walk-in closet at home. We only have one small walk-in closet but it's all for hubby's work clothes in there. Would you believe I have to use 3 wardrobe cabinets to fit in all my outfits for all the! And I'm using 3 bedrooms wardrobe cabinets...that's the good thing to have extra rooms inside the house. Just large enough to go around where are the fall season outfits and winter outfits, spring and summer...well, it's kinda hassle digging in from different wardrobe cabinets, but that's better than no space at all.

Happy Fall everyone!