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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Annoying Charges On Our Credit

Two days ago, we have been notified again about a charge on our credi card from DRI Medic, despite our calling to cancel it. It was actually an automatic charge. Actually, I ordered some software online and it turned out it didn't help me at all :(. We called the company to cancel it, they said it was cancelled! We called our credit company, they said it was cancelled and sent us a new card with a new account number. We went crazy when another charge was made on our NEW account considering that we activated it a day ago! My husband got upset why this happened, and plan of just closing the account. My husband was telling the credit company that it must be that the DRI medic has hacked their system? Well, we are still trying to contact the appropriate personnel to handle this case. We already sent our fraud form that our credit company sent us, so hopefully, we can settle this smoothly.