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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Cousin's Visit

Last Wednesday, cousin Tanya (actually my hubby's first cousin) came along to visit us at home. She currently works as a trainee for foreign service officer in D.C., and as a worker from federal government, they got a holiday off! (Veteran's Day), a good reason to spend the time off with us. Hubby got a day off as well, so we had a day of bonding :). Although the day was rainy and much cooler, we had some few minutes going around the historic Sykesville area. It wasn't much to see there, lol! but we found a small boutique where we managed to buy some for ourselves. We then spent a few more minutes having a cup of Victorian tea at Simpli-ci-tea tea shop within the area. That was a good fun memory to cherish with somebody in the family.