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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Hate Being Sick!

Who doesn't anyway? Everytime I get sick or don't feel well, I feel I am paralyzed and can't even do a single simple chore. I have migraines that get worst at times. Just that can make my day down and will just end up lying in bed the whole day! If I start getting headaches that will be on either side of my head, I could just figure out it's the 3-day headache. It's manageable, but there are times that the pain can't tolerate pain relievers. I mean, it's like it's still there, just numb, and I had to wait until the 3rd day before it goes off. Weird!
So, yesterday, I got the worst one, but it was on the 3rd day! I was feeling horrible, and I just felt nauseated the whole day...I guess it was more than the worst feeling of being in the early stages of pregnancy! Heck! Thank goodness, it was over!