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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My New Portable Closet

Yesterday, I got my new portable closet which I ordered. It would be a big help saving some space at home so I can put some of my seasonal clothes in it. It was really challenging since I don't have any walk-in closet that's big, nor a wardrobe cabinet that can hold much larger clothes. Would you believe I use every wardrobe cabinet in the 3 other rooms in the house? I've realized all my clothes are just piling up and I could no longer fit them in to any of my closets, LOL! I am even giving away some for donations, but I receive new ones every Christmas, and so I don't want to give away brand new clothes ;).
Anyway, it was such a challenge assembling this one, and so I had to ask help from hubby. Poor us! we sweat like crazy inverting, connecting and disconnecting everything...well, there was a little messing up since the instructions were not really specific, so we just played mix and match, LOL! Whew! it was worth all the effort.