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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Citizenship Interview

A tough day today for me but thank God, I passed my citizenship test! I got "butterflies" in my stomach few minutes before the interview, and while I was at the waiting room, I felt I was out of breath so that I requested my husband who was with me at that time to check on my name to be called while I had to go outside to get some fresh air. Whew! That helped me eased a little bit.

Anyway, after 5 minutes, I was called in. The interview went well but it will be on hold because the interviewing officer told me that I need a police clearance because my fingerprints are unreadable! I wasn't expecting that to hear since they didn't inform me before my interview so I should have prepared it earlier.

There are so many hassles that I have to do again. No choice really, but almost there at the end!