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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Passport Renewal

Yesterday, I renewed my Philippine passport since it is expiring next month at the Philippine embassy in Washington DC. This was the main reason why we did the trip all the way from home in MD. The trip is an hour away, so it was not a problem. But since I and hubby were there we thought of just extending our stay til Saturday since it's the weekend. So, we just went to visit museums close to the place. Parking is a little bit challenging, but since it was Saturday, public parking was not full. It was a good thing, the parking area was just across the street of the museum we were visiting, so, no hassles :).
Weather wise, it was super cold. It was in the 20's, not really a good idea to do outdoor tripping. There are still lot of places we haven't been to in DC, but it should be a good idea to go back there by summer. Can't wait ;).


Jessiel said...

Hi there,

I'm glad I've found your post. My friend and I will fly to DC tomorrow for our passport renewal at the Phil Embassy. Just wanna ask if what Museum you've visited when u were there? Is it close to the Phil Embassy? and how was your experienced at the Phil Embassy? Thank you so much for your time. Have a nice day!


AngelNoah said...

Hi Jessiel,
Are you travelling by car? If yes, I suggest you take the metro. It's impossible to get parking in DC during weekdays.
In my case, I and my hubby drove there and stayed overnight in a hotel close to the embassy, just a block away (walking distance). And the valet parking was really expensive too! I don't have any idea how close will the embassy to the museums, but we went to visit some by car, and that was the weekend, so we were able to park close to the museum. We went to visit the NEWSEUM & National Museum of Crime and Punishment, about 5 minutes drive. I suggest if you are taking the metro, get a map of the DC metro area and figure out where's the closest train station to where you wanna go. I think on the map, they also have the attractions, so it would be more convenient for you to follow the streets and how long will be the walking :).
Oh, and don't forget to take your photos with blue background. They are not accepting regular passport photos with white background. You can go to the CVS pharmacy, 2 blocks away from the embassy to take your photos there. Just tell them with a blue background. Hope that helps. Good luck on your passport renewal.