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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tips For Smooth & Full Blow-Drying

Half of the work is using the right styling product. If hair is fine, spritz a volumizing spray from roots to ends while damp; for curly hair, put a nickel- size drop of flexible hold gel throughout; for thick hair, mist a heat-protecting spray from mid-length to ends.

Flip your head over and blast a blow dryer all around your head, gently tousling hair with your hands until almost dry. bring your head up and clip the top section of hair at your crown.

Blow dry sides and back of hair with a round brush. For fine hair, a medium-size is good, for thick hair, a large-barrel one is better. Work in 3-inch sections, pull each one out to the side, wrap the ends under and roll the brush halfway up the hair while drying it. Repeat until dry, then turn off the dryer and hold the brush in place for a moment before unraveling.

Unclip the top layers and blow dry them with the round brush. Pull each section straight up and roll it back to the scalp. If you have bangs, aim the nozzle directly down on them so they dry flat and smooth.

To finish, gently pat a lightweight serum over the outer surface of hair with your palms. If hair is fine, mist it with hair spray.