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Monday, March 15, 2010

No Painting The Town "Green" :(.

Early days of last week, we've already planned to watch the St. Patrick's parade in Baltimore supposed to be last Saturday (3-13). I should say it would be my 2nd time to witness one since I came here. It should be fun watching some stuff, and people colored green, LOL! Last time I was in Baltimore it so happened the parade was being held there and I saw these colored dogs and cats along the road, too! Well, one dog owner colored her hair green matching to the colored green dog she had.
Anyway, when I checked the weather the day before Saturday, it said the day would be with a heavy rain and wind. So, I was disappointed we couldn't make it. Anyway, that was nature, and I don't wanna argue with it, lol. It was windy all through out Saturday as well, but it was all worth it staying at home and watched movie with hubby.