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Friday, April 9, 2010

Daffodils In Pots

Do you love to grow flowers in your yard, yet there's no space? Think about space saver techniques...grow them in pots :). Daffodils?...perfect!
  1. Start with a big pot that has 16 inches wide with almost the same depth can give you the best display. It can accommodate about 40 bulbs.
  2. Try choosing a fun variety. Shop for bulbs at nurseries or search online.
  3. Buy healthy bulbs. Don't get those that are soft, squishy or moldy. If it so happened you have those from ordering online or by mail, demand replacements.
  4. Plant them close by filling the pot with loose, fast draining soil mix to within 5 inches of the rim, then place bulbs on top of the soil with pointy side up. Set them almost shoulder to shoulder and cover them with 4 inches of potting soil.
  5. Shade the pot after planting and water well. After green shoots appear in late winter or early spring, resume watering and get the pot to a sunny spot.
Happy planting! :)