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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hate Those Bed Bugs!

Those pesky rust-colored minute blood suckers are uncontrollably on the rise! And yes, that's a fact, particularly if you travel a lot (like me) and stay mostly in hotels during your entire trip.
Thank goodness, so far, I haven't seen one in my household yet, and just in case, the pest control pro number is always on my phone!, lol.
I don't think it's paranoia, but being just sure that bed bugs are not crawling inside your household is much better than suffer the consequences at the end.
If you're in a hotel room, look for those red specks on the mattress or bedding. They can also be crawling in draperies or behind moldings. So watch out for those. At home, check your luggage before stowing them away.
If you have high doubts, perhaps, buying a DIY anti-bed bugs products helps.
I even got one and used it on my bed before changing my bed sheets into fresh ones.