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Saturday, April 10, 2010

How To Ditch Your Lawn

Stop watering, and short-rooted grass probably won't survive the summer. Try using a sharp flat-edge shovel to dig the turf one piece at a time by digging deep enough to sever grass roots. Move the turf tot he compost pile.
Mulch which is 4-6 inches layer can be put on top of fine, short-rooted grass and the turf will compost beneath it, keeping the mulch moist until the grass is dead. (Do this at least 4-6 weeks). You can then plant directly on the mulch.
Mow the grass short while in the heat of summer, water well, then cover it with a sheet of 1-4 mil-thick clear plastic. Spread the plastic beyond and weigh down the edges with bricks or rocks. Turn sprinkles off. Wait over the next 5-6 weeks as grass blades turn yellow, then brown.
If you have a fleshy-rooted grass, you'll perhaps have to spray it with glyphospate to get rid of it.