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Monday, May 3, 2010

Cool, Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

When choosing your indoor plants, choose something that fits your design but requires less care. If you can, try putting it to an interesting-looking pot.
You might wanna consider air plants. Why not? They are fascinating! Good things with these plants are that they don't need soil, because their leaves get their nutrients from the air. You can place the plants just about anywhere and as long as you soak them in water at least twice a week.
If you are choosing vine-like plants like philodendrons, they are good fillers for hanging macrame' pots during the 60's. These plants need less light than other house plants and have more graphic leaf shapes.
Succulents are as well ideal for your home. They have fleshy leaves that act like water-storage tanks, as long as they have plenty of light. Sedums are hearty, and come in bizarre shapes.
Happy planting and decorating folks :).