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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Treating Your Common Foot Troubles - Part 1

Ingrown Toenails - The toenail digs into the flesh of the toe around it causing infection. It is usually caused by cutting toenails incorrectly or wearing tight shoes.
  • Prevention: Always cut toenails in a straight line.
  • Treatment: Cut nails in a straight line, soak feet and apply antiseptic, otherwise see your doctor if toes are red or inflamed and painful.
Bunions - This are caused by big toes' joints becoming angled to the outside of the foot, causing bone to stick out. It usually is a result of wearing tight or pointy-toed shoes, or high-heeled shoes. It can also be a hereditary condition.
  • Prevention: Use shoes that conforms the shape of your foot and with low heel height.
  • Treatment: The only cure is surgery, but only if it is very painful. Also, try using protective bunion cushions.
Hammer toes - the toes scrunch into a permanent, clawlike position. It's due to muscle imbalance, heredity or foot trauma, but is also a cause of wearing pointy or tight shoes.
  • Prevention: Use shoes that have round or square toe boxes that are wide and those that resemble the shape of your foot.
  • Treatment: Wearing shoes that has enough room for the bent toe or using shoe pads may reduce pain. Surgery is as well recommended if it is extremely painful.