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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Weekender Break

It was a last minute plan to actually drive to visit Longwood Gardens yesterday. We arrived at the gardens a lot earlier, so it was not crowded. The garden looks much lovelier when not too many people are there. The beauty is much more appreciative! It was so hot and humid, and so hubby was sweating like crazy. We just decided to cool down for a lunch at the restaurant and oh lalala!!! it was cooler inside with the AC, lol! So, we ordered our meal and hubby had so much relief. Perfect timing to be fully recharged to go on with our walk in the conservatory. I was thinking we can still catch up with the "Lilytopia" and Tulips displays....but we missed it :(.
It was good to visit and did some smelling on the perfumes at the music hall. It was fun creating a perfume with the combinations. Anyway, the entire day was good. We went home earlier to avoid the thunderstorms. It was a good decision as we met the rain on the road.