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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Considering a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

Whether you're planning for a lavish one, casual or family-focused budget-friendly dinner, the following guidelines will at least help you plan for the night smoothly.

Who pays?: Some old traditional practices say it should be the groom's parents, but anybody willing can do it.

Who should attend?: Anyone at the wedding rehearsal including flower girls, ring bearers, and their parents, plus significant others. Many couples also ask out-of-town guests.

When do we invite them?: Make it at least 2 weeks ahead, and request RSVP's even if most will attend.

Where should we hold it?: Anywhere from backyard to bistro. Be sure it's an easy trip and convenient from the ceremony site.

Party to-do-list:
  1. This is a good time to make speeches and do the toast, which often is the highlight of the evening.
  2. Ask your guests to bring old photos of you for display or request somebody to create a slide show set to music.
  3. Give some gifts to your bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents.
  4. Announce any last minute instructions for the wedding day.
  5. Arrange to finish up early. Hungover bridal party doesn't make pretty wedding photos.
A few crowd-pleasing menu ideas:
  • new england clambake
  • poolside luau
  • tex-mex cantina bash
  • designer pizza party
  • family-style Chinese feast
  • backyard BBQ
  • bistro supper
  • tapas @ wine bar
  • comfort fare @ mom's house