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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cooler Ways For Your Wedding Guestbook

In the older days, guest books were only used to compile names, but nowadays, they're mostly used to collect memories. Instead of a book, how about letting your guests autograph any unique memorabilias you have on the surfaces. Just be sure to provide appropriate writing tools like glass pens for glass, fabric pens for fabric, etc...

  • river rocks, - to display in a glass bowl.
  • an album filled with photo-booth pictures that was shot during the first hour of the reception.
  • quilt squares, to be made later as a keepsake blanket.
  • a poster-size photo of the reception location, mounted on foam and set on an easel.
  • a chalkboard, to be held up by each guest during individual photo sessions.
  • cards, to be hung from tree branches.
  • any objects that's meaningful for the couple, like a guitar, globe, etc...
  • a long scroll of paper that has been inserted into a typewriter.
  • a video, - guests can leave a message.
Ideal Place to put it:
Put it on a table near the reception site entrance so everyone can write down their good wishes as they come in.

Get your guest's attention by decorating the table with colorful linens, photo frames, flowers, - anything that's eye catching.

If possible, let the bridesmaid carry the guest book from table to table afterward til you've achieved full participation.


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