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Friday, July 16, 2010

Planning A Castle Wedding?

Actually, you don't need to be in France to have your fairy-tale wedding. You can make your fairy-tale wedding dream come true with just a stateside manor, a sweeping ball gown, and your knight (the groom)...more than enough to complete the vision. Only in the US! :).
But before you proceed with the planning, you should consider some ups and downs. Just in case, be prepared.

Possible complications:

Castle wedding can be drafty in winter and stuffy in summer, so consider renting a heating or cooling system, otherwise, choose a date when average temps are moderate.

Winding staircases, cobblestones and rustic wooden floors add a good ambience but might be hard for elderly or disabled guests to navigate. Mark off easier routes and ask groomsmen to offer assistance.

Assess restroom facilities situation before booking. You might consider getting a luxury-restroom trailer if the facilities don't meet your needs or standards.

Castles tend to be dark so it requires additional and extra lighting and amplified music. Ask if you need to bring in a generator.

Consider hiring buses to take guests to and from their hotels and the venue if it's in a secluded and far area or if roads are dark at night.

Other considerations:
Since you'll be a princess bride, it's ideal to wear a taffeta, satin or tulle gown, or an A-line empire dress paired with jewels such as gemstones or rhinestones.

Consider making the celebration adults-only to preserve the sophistication of the setting.

Make invitations with dramatic effect like one with brocade patterns, tassels and calligraphy.

For the ceremony, make it an elegant mood with music. Consider choosing an opera soloist, a harpist, bagpipe or a string quartet.

For menu, think formal feast. Tacos don't work with turrets. Instead of mulled wine, bring on the champagne!