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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be a Better Parent

Let's face it. Most moms sometimes wish their kids would just disappear, - temporarily, just so you can read that paper in peace.
Mothers on the other hand still mostly believe that they should constantly engage with their kids but this mentality can leave no time for relaxation, - and creates stress that can possibly picked up by the kids. The fact is training your kids to play on their own is a best idea to do. This leads them to be creative, confident and develop critical thinking.

The first step to teach your kid to be okay to play alone is showing them how fun it can be. This process usually begins before he can crawl. Place your child on a crib or play pen with a few toys while you do your stuff. Rattles, stacking rings, or any easy-to-grasp objects can keep a 6-month old baby busy for 20 minutes.

Make a secure, baby-proofed play areas in your home and yard that encourage experimentation. Open-ended toys such as building blocks, Legos, crayons, costumes, etc...stretch your kids creativity to keep them occupied much longer.

Keep them engaged. You can keep them busy with little projects like lying on the blanket doodling the shape of the clouds, or give science experiments, arts and crafts. Encouraging your kid to develop passions makes him better equipped to handle life's challenges.

Most kids love little more than a big mess, and make them get occupied for hours. Making a mess encourages kids to experiment and learn, so, tornado-like clutter may be rough for most, but they're worth the clean up.
Carving out time for yourself isn't really about being organized; it's about relinquishing control now and then - and allowing your kids to do what they do best: - play!