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Monday, August 30, 2010

Beehives In Our Car

We have a car that has been parked and not being used for many months now and is only on our drive way. Then, I noticed there are several bees flying around it. They would come in groups so I tried to trace where the group of them were going.
Gosh, I saw them just behind the front door of our car, and they had a beehive there! Then I went around to check on the other door, and there was also another one there. Take a look at the photos!
I told my hubby to call the pest control, but he said it can be done with Raid, LOL!

So we bought one, and he sprayed all of it on the bees and knocked their beehives. We have to be aware of those worker bees (as they call it), because they can give a painful sting! They aren't killer bees though, but they still bite. Anyway, I guess we made them all dead with the insecticide. I don't see them around anymore, whew!


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