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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Super Busy as Ever!

Of all my trips I had so far, this upcoming trip would be the longest. The preparations is also the toughest so far because I have to help my husband prepare his brochures and hand outs for his teaching. He will be teaching 5 classes in California couple of weeks from now, and he has 8 sets of handouts! I had to do the segregating, grouping, stapling, organizing, and arranging.
This was just another long extra hours that I did (thank God, it's all done and packed in boxes).
I still have to go back and focus on the packing, and this time, I am packing with 2 big luggages! Agh! Can you imagine, just one luggage would be for hubby's teaching materials. Oh well!

I got 8 days to go before our departure. Whew!